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Get Malongo and Rombouts coffee pods through post parcel machine.

You can now purchase Malongo and Rombouts coffee and Coffee Pod Espresso Machines directly from us without any network marketing mediation.

Our  wide selection of coffee pods and beans includes also fairtrade and organically grown  coffees.

All of our products coffee pods and espresso machines come directly from the producers with guaranteed high quality and also the prices are lower and more acceptable.

All of your purchases will be delivered to you by Omniva or Itella SmartPost the next day. Delivery prices are as follows - €3 for Estonia, €12 for Latvia, €14 for Finland and Lithuania.
Fast, Favorable & Comfortable!

- The e-shop orders will be dispatched on the next day provided the payment has been received and/or payment confirmation is sent  to us by  00:00.​​​- Coffees which have indication „in stock“ are available for ordering
- Should you wish to order any coffee, which is not currently in stock – „special order“ -  please proceed with the order as per normal. The delivery time for such orders  may take up to 2-3 weeks. You will be notified about the delivery time upon receipt of the payment.

- Order a case of 7 boxes*12 pods or a box of 100 pods, this way you make avail of our most favorable prices; € 0.41-0.44 cent per pod in a case of 7 and  €0.40-0.41cent per pod in a box of 100.
- Prices for Coffee Pod Espresso Machines are more favorable when ordering directly from us without any mediation of network marketing agents.
Select an appropriate delivery method :
- The nearest Post Parcel Machine,
- Itella SmartCOURIER
- Collect the order personally from us.
- Agree on the most suitable deivery method before ordering.